The power of cross-sector sharing

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GRF can provide support to existing sharing communities interested in growing their capabilities and providing additional tools to Their members.

Intelligence, Vulnerability Alerts, and Analysis GRF provides relevant and actionable alerts and advisories on cyber, physical and geopolitical threats and incidents specific to your industry, originating from members, government agencies, vendors, open sources and GRF analysts' research. This includes support from GRF analysts who review and enrich daily cyber open source reports, send ad-hoc reports, cross-sector intel reports with IOCs, vulnerability monitoring, and provide Deep and Dark Web detection, among other intelligence.
Community Preparedness and Response Services include designing and managing community threat exercises, crisis managment expertise, and providing other resources, including Critical Information Notification System alerts via SMS, phone and email.
Capabilities that Foster Community Sharing Access to a communications and collaboration portal with discussion threads, chat features and document repository; a threat intelligence sharing platform from Anomali for rapid intel visualization, APT mapping and trend analysis; a community listserv; involvement in member committees and user groups; and engagement on member calls, surveys, and events.
Marketing, Sales, and Operations Assistance
Assistance with member recruitment, marketing, accounting, and media communications for your sharing community.